Tips from successful players

Tips from successful players

In this article we will look at the rules that can help you go from being a beginner to a plus player.

Finding the right odds

A slight edge in odds is a big gain in the long run. Thanks to simple mathematical calculations, it is easy to see that even hundredths of an odds can bring in impressive money.

About odds

Professional gamblers never trust intuition or omens – at the very least they try to estimate the odds. If a player relies on his senses, he cannot tell the difference between odds like 1.4 and 1.8 and as mentioned above, odds play a big part in profit. A professional gambler, on the other hand, will assess the probability of an athlete or team winning as a percentage.

There are several ways to estimate the probability. One, for instance, is to look at the bookmakers’ lines for past matches, and make certain conclusions with the latest news on future ones. Others just casually estimate the odds, say, how many times out of 10 an athlete wins. This method requires skill.
Another way is based on statistics: look at the last 10 matches of an athlete and work out how many matches he/she has won. If 6, for example, then the probability is about 60% (6/10*100%). However, it is better not to use this method, because every match is unique. Of course, you can draw some parallels with past matches, but you should not rely on it completely.
Whatever method you choose, the main thing is practice.

Profitable positions

After choosing a match, you should make a profitable bet. You should keep in mind that professionalism as a gambler does not mean you want to win today, but you want to make a profit over the long term. A lot of players bet on an event that has the highest probability, but such a bet will not bring additional profit.

To determine a profitable bet, it is necessary to estimate the probability of each event and compare the expectation, which is calculated as the product of probability and odds. If it is bigger, you will make a bigger profit.

Keeping track of bets

Keeping track of bets is an extremely useful and effective activity. It allows you to find out the players’ strengths and weaknesses and draw the necessary conclusions: for example, that it is possible (but difficult) to play extra-low odds, that net wins are more profitable than plus forms, and that football is a drain. Betting records are usually kept in Excel, or you can download a special software for players.
The desire to quit keeping statistics has to be fought. Of course it is difficult to keep statistics after 2 weeks of watching a lot of matches and running out of enthusiasm, but without it even a very talented forecaster cannot expect to make a winning streak. You should remember that self-discipline is a very useful thing in gambling betting.

Risk Control

Hardly anyone would argue that winning is easy. Once you are familiar with the statistics, the news, the choice of matches is not difficult. Bookmaker’s offices are similar to casinos – in most cases they do not close, because people do not take their risks under control and do not want to understand that you can win many times and lose no more than one – there is no money to win back. A self-respecting gambler should therefore calculate the risks or at least estimate them, i.e. he should not bet more than he can.
It is necessary to remember the approximate amounts of bets. Playing with high stakes can lead to drawdown (long losing streak), therefore stakes should not exceed 3% for odds like 2 and 3 and 2% for odds 4-5 and for odds higher than 5, the stake should not exceed 1% of the bankroll.

Apart from that the bets must be uniform. It is unwise to bet 1 bet today, and tomorrow all in a row. You should select the best number of bets that you can analyse, instead of trying to grasp the immensity or pick the best one.

Realistic goals

Before taking the plunge into earning money you need to answer the question – is it worth it? Betting is not a jackpot that allows you to go to the Maldives, but a daily and hard work with a professional attitude that brings a handsome profit (30% of the pot every month on average). If the bank is a few tens of thousands of dollars, you can earn quite a good profit. However, would you agree, with 10 00 rubles, to spend a month to “blood and sweat” to get 3 thousand?

More is hardly possible. Often there are people who, having decided that they have caught a wave of luck, tripled the pot in a couple of days, ignoring the risks. The result is a total loss.

So, you need to consider whether you can combine your main job and betting. The latter requires analyzing events and spending a lot of time on other important things. Wouldn’t it be much better to play for fun a couple of times a month?

Choice of Bills

A reputable one will take high stakes, give you high odds and pay out your winnings straight away. Check the list of these so you can place your bets in a good environment.

Define your target

Before you start betting, decide whether you are doing it for fun or to make money. In the former case, you don’t have to go into everything you just read. You will get your well-deserved excitement, and if you lose, you won’t tear your hair out. In the second case, constantly analyse matches, write down bets and stick to your chosen gambling and financial strategy, and you will soon have a source of additional regular income. Be aware of the amount of money you have allocated to the game, which you are happy to lose. If the pot goes down, lower your bets, and vice versa.


Never forget that almost every gambler is in the red, some unwittingly, others unaware of how to take control of their raging emotions. And only a fair fraction turn the game into a source of income – those who don’t chase immediate winnings, but pay more attention to analysis and self-development.