How to correctly bet on penalties in soccer?

How to correctly bet on penalties in soccer?

Many bettors consider betting on the penalty kick promising and profitable, because they set tempting odds, starting from 3.0. The very notion of “penalty kick” means a type of penalty kick performed from the 11-meter mark. Wagers are settled on whether or not a penalty kick is awarded, if the ball ends up in the goal, if the 11-meter shot becomes the first goal and so on. You can read more about betting options on the website of a sports betting bookmaker.

Popular soccer penalty bets

In the list of slate bookmakers have a variety of options for registration of bets on the penalty kick:

  • assignment of a penalty kick during a match or half (yes/no);
  • Scoring the first goal from the 11-meter mark;
  • The choice of a specific player, who will score or not score the ball;
  • assigning a series of penalty kicks;
  • scoring a penalty kick by a certain team;
  • The number of goals reflected by the goalkeeper.

Among the options encountered are betting on penalty kicks in soccer and suspension. This means that the guilty player will be removed from the field.

There are many assumptions that this type of penalty kick will be awarded:

  • Referee. Selected referees often award free kicks on the ball, and chances are good that they will repeat this in an upcoming meeting.
  • Team composition. If the club has active players, able to outrun and break the line of defense of the opponents, it often leads to violations of the rules. Then betting on penalty kicks in soccer is very likely to bring profit.
  • Statistics. Studying statistical information, you should determine if one participant is more likely to be assigned a penalty kick.
  • Opposition. Sometimes the games are tough, with fouls, suspensions and yellow cards. This usually happens when a club needs a win to advance in the standings.

In key contests or playoff games, there is serious rivalry, so penalty kicks are likely to be awarded.

Working strategies for betting on penalties

The increased risk of loss classifies this type of betting to the low-market, so there are few strategies for betting on the penalty kick in soccer. Among the common variants of this category is considered to be the absence of a penalty kick. The odds of this version is 1.30-1.40, which looks unpromising, but a series of passes will help to recover money losses. If desired, it is worth combining the events by creating 2 positions in expresses. Then the odds increase to 1.69-1.77.

Bets on penalties are made out in the 2nd half, because at the beginning of the meeting the players are full of energy and will give a decent response to the opponents. It is not advisable for the betting amount to exceed 1-3% of the bankroll. This will help protect the finances from losing.
If you need a reliable strategy for betting on penalties, you should abandon Catch-up and similar techniques. This will help not to go into deficit. The “staircase” method for such bets is suitable, especially if you make out bets in Live. The option is convenient because you can watch the players and the style of play, allowing you to predict further developments on the field.

The chosen penalty betting strategies will not be 100% protection from losing, so you should rely on statistics and information about the team, its players. In these types of betting, there are no special calculations or techniques – success is based on the collected data.