Handball betting strategy: how to bet correctly in handball?

Handball betting strategy: how to bet correctly in handball?

Because of the rapid growth in popularity, the sport discipline has attracted the attention of bookmakers. Today, handball bets are offered by betting companies as part of wide lines, so this sport is attracting more and more attention from experienced bettors and beginners. To increase the efficiency of betting, betting enthusiasts resort to the use of strategies.

What do I need to know when betting on handball?

The sport discipline is a team game. Teams are made up of 7 people. 6 of them play in the field, 1 defends the goal. The size of the court is 40×20 m. The size of the goal is 3×2 meters. Match is divided into two halves of half an hour with a 15 minute break. In front of the goalkeeper’s box there is a six-meter zone where only the goalkeeper is allowed.

Handball betting strategy: how to bet correctly in handball?

A player may hold the ball for no more than 3 seconds. It is allowed to pass if a teammate is at least 3 m away. A field player may only be in the goalkeeper’s area when jumping. 

In order to perform handball betting, you should:

  • Study in detail the rules of the game;
  • Read in detail the rules of handball competitions;
  • Carefully read the conditions of bookmakers when betting on handball;
  • Analyze well the teams in the tournament in question.

If you have no experience in betting on handball, it is better to use a demo account at first or bet small amounts. This is due to the presence of many nuances in this sport discipline. Some of the latter you can learn only by betting on handball yourself.

How to perform analysis for handball betting?

Two decades ago, information about handball teams was very difficult to find. Expert articles to help with handball betting were rare. With the spread of information technology there is more data, official team statistics appeared. This had a positive effect on the quality of predictions for handball betting. 

To get a stable profit from betting on this sport, it is recommended:

  • Use the predictions of bona fide cappers. It is important to distinguish the pros from the scammers. Honest prognosticators do not guarantee 100% passability of the forecast. Quality publications to improve the profitability of handball betting rarely advertise bookmaker company or other third-party resources.
  • Study the condition, the form of the players of the teams. It is important to know the number of injured handball players.
  • Familiarize yourself with the financial situation of the clubs. Poor funding has a negative effect on the game.
  • To make effective handball bets, it is necessary to analyze all the latest news on the teams. It is important to know about new transfers, changes in the coaching staff.

Effective handball betting strategies

Since this sport discipline belongs to the team sports, betting is traditionally made for this category of games. The most common handball strategies:

  1. Catch-up result in handball betting. This system is most often realized by chasing a certain probable outcome. For example, if a club has a winning streak, one should expect the team to lose soon. The bettor should bet on the loss of the team until the bet is played. Events with odds from 2.0 are selected. Each subsequent betting amount is doubled.
  2. Bets on the total plus the victory of the favorite. If, when betting on handball, the bettor has calculated the clear favorite of the meeting, it is quite easy to predict the total number of goals scored. This is done by studying the game statistics of the participants. Even if he loses on the total, the bettor will not be at a great loss because of the insurance by betting on the favorite.
  3. Ladder in handball betting. The bettor should look for “reliable” bets on outcomes with low odds (no higher than 1.3). Winning funds must be bet again. Such an order continues until the profit is equal to the amount of the original bet. After that, part of the money is withdrawn, and the rest of the winnings is put into action again.

The handball betting line also includes individual totals. To play effectively with these types of bets, you need to be a fan of a particular team or handball player.

How to choose the right bookmaker for handball betting?

Today you can bet on handball at almost any betting company. When choosing a line you should take into account the national handball championships of different countries, international competitions (club as well as with the participation of national teams). You should also pay attention to other important criteria when choosing a bookmaker: reviews, the quality of customer support, bonuses. 
Betting on handball should be accepted in play and pre-match. Conscientious betting organizations usually publish free predictions on upcoming matches.